Let’s talk about GPS tracking!

gps tracking

  • Ensure everyone clocks in at the right place and time

with option to set up geofence.

  • Monitor the location of employees while they are clocked-in. Monitor that quick visit to starbucks with location accuracy and time !
  • Monitor clock-out location and real time to ensure accurate timesheet and billing.
  • In-App chat option to engage in direct conversation with any of our agency personnel.
International Nurses Day - 12 may, composition for Nurses Day

A little

about us!

We are a team of RNs, based in Wheaton suburbs of Chicago. We wanted to start something awesome in today’s market. We are told that it’s hard to succeed. Well that’s least of our worries. We aim something bigger , to break the stigma of “Agency” with lots of support and good rates. Unlike most agencies, we want to create positive environment for our staff where they feel like family !



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