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Thanas Kapourani Award

What is THANAS KAPOURANI award ?

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Thanas Kapourani was a Greek author and philosopher who preached equal treatment of humans no matter the circumstances.

His main teachings included showing everyone respect and giving them the necessary time to understand their needs better. Thanas was always available to help someone in need even if it meant going out of his way for it.

Everyone can earn a license to provide nursing services, but only few know how to go beyond that.

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we want to appreciate those few healthcare workers.

The Thanas Kapourani Award will be awarded annually to the healthcare worker that displays character traits preached by Thanas and makes a difference for a patient during a difficult time. PatientsPals will donate to the charity of the winner’s choice to show appreciation for the display of character that Thanas would be proud of.

Most amazing person we know

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We are a team of RNs, based in Wheaton suburbs of Chicago. We wanted to start something awesome in today’s market. We are told that it’s hard to succeed. Well that’s least of our worries. We aim something big, to break the stigma of “Agency” with lots of support and good rates. Unlike most agencies, we want to create positive environment for our staff where they feel like family !



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