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PatientsPals not only ensures precise and efficient management of labor costs but also involves a facility representative at every stage of the process.

  • Automated generation of detailed timesheets, encompassing worked hours, breaks, overtime accumulation, and leave time, streamlining billing procedures.
  • Real-time alerts for instances where our staff exceed scheduled overtime hours.
  • Timely notifications of anomalies like exceeding overtime limits and conflicting bookings to maintain operational efficiency.
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A little

about us!

We are a team of RNs, based in Wheaton suburbs of Chicago. We wanted to start something awesome in today’s market. We are told that it’s hard to succeed. Well that’s least of our worries. We aim something bigger , to break the stigma of “Agency” with lots of support and good rates. Unlike most agencies, we want to create positive environment for our staff where they feel like family !



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